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Rising Lotus Sangha Celebrates Higan-e 2024

A crocus blooming

Higan (彼岸, meaning "distant shore") is a Japanese Buddhist holiday exclusively celebrated for seven days; three days before and three days after both the Spring equinox and Autumnal equinox. The tradition originated in 8th century Japan when working people took time to evaluate and make a renewed commitment to their Buddhist practice. Today, special services are celebrated in Japanese schools of Buddhism both in Japan and around the world.

Higan, New Year, and Obon (Bon), which is celebrated in August, are all holidays in which ancestors are honored. At Higan (the equinoxes), the amount of daylight and darkness is equal. therefore tradition holds that the distance between the world living and dead is shorter and the 'shore' of Nirvana easier to reach. Traditionally, families visit and clean up around their ancestors' graves together. Flowers and incense are offered to those in the spirit world.

Ar Rising Lotus Sangha we celebrate by remembering our own as well as our Buddhist ancestors. Our sitting schedule this week is

Monday, and Wednesday through Friday at 3 p.m. EDT

Tuesday 7 a.m. EDT and 7 p.m. PDT

Saturday - noon EDT

Sunday noon EDT Fusatsu ceremony.

Please join us for any or all of these 20-minute sitting periods. Links to Zoom are available on our events page.

Fusatsu is a service of remembering our ancestors and recommitting ourselves to our Buddhist practice.

Wherever you are in your Buddhist journey, we welcome you and invite you to sit with us.



Statue of a young monk in seated meditation amidst  ourdoor garden greenery.n

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