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Relationship Ethics:

We acknowledge that the relationship between teacher and student is a sacred trust. We acknowledge that power differentials exist in teacher/student relationships.

As such, any implications of harassment, or sexual harrassment are taken very serious. 

What is considered as harassment?

Harassment is any unwanted behaviour, physical or verbal (or even suggested), that makes a reasonable person feel uncomfortable, humiliated, or mentally distressed.


  1. There shall be absolutely NO sexual contact between a teacher and a student. This is extended to:

  • Writing: letters, texts, messages of a sexually-explicit nature.

  • Video: recorded or live and Photographs

  • Meeting face to face


Any student should come forward immediately to a Guiding Teacher, the Senior Student, or a member of the Ethics Board if sexual misconduct or harrassment is implicated.

If a student breaches conduct it should be brought to the Guiding Teachers immediately. 


If a teacher breaches conduct, they shall be removed from teaching while the allegation is sorted.  The teacher in question shall not have any contact with the student. 


The ripples of Sexual Misconduct are travel far and wide. It affects the entire Sangha and its lineage.  All suspected breaches of sexual conduct will be handled swiftly and in accordance to the Precepts by the Ethics Board.  Any accusation of sexual misconduct or harrassment will be made directly to a guiding teacher, or member of the Ethics Board. 


      2. Conversations between teachers and students should be respectful.

  • Teachers and students should not be disparaging or harassing

  • Teachers and students should respect boundaries

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