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Conflict Resolution Policy

As human beings who are traveling the Buddha Way, we acknowledge that from time to time, conflicts and disagreements will arise. To that end, we accept the following as a standard for finding resolutions that most closely reflect the Buddha Way. In such circumstances.


  1. We encourage members to work out differences between themselves respectfully and with the Bodhisattva precepts in mind. 

   2. If a resolution cannot be found between the parties, they may approach (in writing) a Guiding Teacher, or the Senior Student to help mediate.


   3In cases of an ethics violation, the violation should be submitted in writing to one of the Guiding Teachers, who shall immediately inform the Ethics               Board.  The matter shall be brought before the board in a timely manner for resolution. The teacher involved in the alleged violation shall stop teaching           immediately until a resolution by the board is decided upon.


All conflicts will be dealt with fairly, impartially, respectfully, and confidentially. We will take time to hear and work with all parties involved while aiming to come to a resolution in a timely manner.


Ethics Board Members, May 2022


Ishy Shinjin Comar, Senior Student, Rising Lotus Sangha

Dr. Andrew Kokuu McLellan, BSc., DPhil, Treeleaf Sangha

Natalie J. Patterson, MSW, LCSW   Danville, PA USA

Mary C. Harrison  Canton, OH USA

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